I started to learn Calligraphy from my early age.

It is a simple art form yet profound and sophisticated.

It teaches us about the relation of lines and how to use the space.
It also teaches self discipline and concentration in the moment.

All what I learned from calligraphy is applicable other art forms as well as my daily life.

And all that I learned from life and other arts are enriching my lines and dots.


Perfect Silence / Ink on Handmade paper / April 2022
令和 Reiwa – title for the new era in Japan / 2019
山花水鳥皆知己 – Mountain, flower, bird are all my best friends / 2011
The great mirror / 2014

心華 – Mind’s flower / 2010

太極是無極 – Great polarity is no polarity / 2010

淡然養浩氣 – Light and subtle enriches Ki (Qi – Prana) / 2010

林下風 – Wind brows through the forest / 2010

守樸 – Keep it simple / 2009

若虚 – As nothing / 2009

然 – As is 2010

萬碇堂 – A signboard for the mountain tea house near Taipei / 2015

定石野茶 – A signboard for the mountain tea house near Taipei / 2015

清神茗一杯 – A fine cup of tea, pure spirit / 2014

空山憶故人 – Missing a person in an empty mountain / 2012

春風入萬物 – Energy of spring enters all the creations / 2010

At a calligraphy workshop in Vana, Delhadun, India / 2019

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