Liquid Light Series

Tales of the liquid light substance

This is a series of work I created in 2013.

This exhibition is an attempt to visualize the process in my own journey.

In the heart of my quest is an exploration of the Unknown.

My work is a visual travelogue of my inner/outer journey from life. My focus here is not the dualistic existence of the world, but about the animating beauty which is constantly unfolding in between.

To observe this intermediate space is a meditative act. This is an exploration of the world within which is deeply connected to the external reality.
I call this “Liquid Light Substance”, this is a medium or a vehicle which bridges these distinctive phenomena in the Universe.

The quest of the seeker knows that the world is a mystery. And every step reminds one of the inherent oneness of the universe and the omnipresence of the spiritual in the material.


“Primordial Vision”
mixed media – June 2013
“a reminiscence stone”
mixed media – June 2013
“Uninterrupted dialogue”
mixed media 2013
“Word of Stone”
mixed Media 2013
mixed media 2013
Poster image for the exhibition in February 2014

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