Jyoti Naoki Eri / Studio Eri

Design process to give back

Our journey of praising the beauty of nature and discovery of its meticulous work has no end.
In this time of global pandemic we are forced to shift our way of living into a sustainable one.
Our culture needs to be re-aligned to giving back instead of taking and consuming.
There is no waste in nature’s marvelous production. There is only an eternal cycle of life in which any design process has to seek a source of inspiration and be anchored as a heart of common sense.

Wake up to the transcendent Dream

Designing and building a garden is only 15 percent of its creative process.
The remaining 85 percent is maintenance.
We would be blessed if we could witness the ageing of rocks.

In the eyes of eternity, stones are as fluid as liquid, as flexible as bamboos.
When a morning dew breaks the silence of a boulder, we wake up to the transcendent Dream.

Let the Sun rays sink into the heart of the hidden suns.

Let the silence of stone unveil the story of stars.


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