I was born in an artist family in Kyoto.
My grand father and father are both Buddhist image sculptors. My uncle is a post-Rodin era sculptor.

It was very natural for me to pursue sculpture as a young artist since I profoundly enjoyed to create three dimensional objects and figurative works.

After learning both traditional and modern sculpture from my masters my interest grew into different fields of art such as painting, ceramic, space design etc.
Although they appear to be based on very different disciplines I consider them essentially the same as sculpture making in the process of artistic creation.

Sculpture is my artistic foundation, this is where I started my own creative journey and from where the journey continues.


A.O.T.L – “Starseed”
Mixed media
February 2024
A.O.T.L – 01 – Archeology of Transcending Light
Ceramic and Gold glaze
May 2023
Maitreya bodhisattva / Kyoto, Japan / 2001
Untitled / Auroville. India / 2014
Avalokiteshvara bodhisattva / Kyoto, Japan / 2004
Fudo-Myo-Oh / Kyoto, Japan / 2004
My grand father / Kyoto, Japan / 2002
My nephew / Kyoto, Japan / 2002
Amithabha Buddha / Kyoto, Japan / 2001
Krishna /Auroville, India / 2007
Lotus sculpture / Brass / 2016
Baby buddha / Tokyo, Japan / 1995
Sazae conch / Tokyo, Japan /1994
My teacher’s dog / Tokyo, Japan /1995
Dog shape vessel with handle / Tokyo, Japan /1995
Dog shape vessel with handle / Tokyo, Japan /1995
Sun gate / Belgium / 1999
Lotus / Brass / 2015

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