Year: 2014

Natural form and human intervention



Natural form and human intervention.
Create a new identity where the beginning and the end of time meet.
Then it echoes. It start to draw a new circle, a new journey and a new narrative.

my favorite works…


Farewell to my own works.
A calligraphy scroll and a black tea bowl, two of my favorites are traveling to abroad soon.
Would love to celebrate their new journey but still difficult to leave them behind…

Keep on Rockin’


On 15th August 2014 my first full scale Japanese style stone garden completed in collaboration with Dharmesh Jadeja and Dustudio members.
First boulder was laid on 15th Aug 2012. Most of the boulders are coming from Kangra valley, Himachal Pradesh(2,200km away from Auroville), North India, White pebbles are from Gujarat West India brought by Dharmesh. Some boulders are from Tamil Nadu South India and all of them gathered in Auroville – the east coast of Indian sub-continent. I wish it will remain for centuries as a symbol of unity in diversity.
Thanks to everyone who supported this project. And, congrats to Dustudio team for your new adventure!

“Revisiting at the perspective”


“Revisiting at the perspective”
My ceramic work and graphic work, both made in 2013. Stillness and movement, fluidity and solidity, dry and wet, etc. This composition lead me to open to a fresh perspective that my nature in calligraphic expression is quite essential. Calligraphy is the realm where I learn about the contrast of life, and the depth of life between the contrast.

Ceramic work + Graphic work both made in Auroville in 2013.

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