Year: 2015

Kan-Zi-Zai 観自在

“Calligraphy + Photography + Choreography”
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eautiful actress from Bombay, Tanvi Palav dancing in front of my work “Kan-Ji-Zai [観自在]- Identifying the Self as it is”. First I wasn’t satisfied by the work after displaying but her presence made the work complete and now I’m satisfied. Thank you Tanvi, Achyut Palav and Callifest team, and also Svayambhu Foundation, Pune for this wonderful occasion to present creative calligraphy to the wider public.

ボンベイからの美しき女優、タンヴィ・パラヴさんの踊りで、「観自在 – 存在の真(まこと)をありのままに見る」と題した作品は完成しました。

Carved on the Neem Tree

IMG_2400 IMG_2399

One of the leading organic tea farmers and a talented tea master in Taiwan Mr Gao Din-Shi’s carved calligraphy boards were delivered in his new tea house at the suburb of Taipei. This tea house was designed by the renowned Shi-Yang-Shang-Fang restaurant’s owner Mr Lin. It was a great honor for me to do this work for this great human being and also in this island where so many calligraphy masters live. Thank you for backing up the great tea culture in Taiwan Mr Gao!
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