Jyoti Naoki Eri is a Japanese artist residing in Auroville – a universal township in making in South India.
He studied traditional Japanese art as the foundation to his artistic career.
He has used this strong traditional background to break barriers in his art and explore multiple techniques and mediums in his artwork such as; calligraphy, sculpture, water colours, ceramics, lacquer work etc.
He seeks to create visual poetry that bridges the past and the future.

“ I was born in an artist family in Kyoto, Japan. I started studying calligraphy since the age of seven. Then started to learn figurative sculptures in a public art high school in Kyoto. In 1994 I became a professional wood sculptor apprenticing under a master in Tokyo. In 1999 I lived in London for 1 year to study Mahayana Buddhism and Western art in general. After that I came back to Japan and studied Buddhist image sculptures and traditional art at my birth place Kyoto until 2004. After some intensive art and religious studies in Japan, gradually my focus shifted to deeper spiritual awareness. Then I decided to travel to Nepal, Tibet and India. I’ve visited a number of spiritual masters in different traditions to study Vajrayana Buddhism and Yoga. It was totally unexpectedly that I discovered Auroville (Tamil Nadu, India) a Universal township in making and decided to become a resident of Auroville in 2005. I practice & teach art and design in Auroville.

1975 Born in Kyoto, Japan
1994 Graduated Sculpture course at Kyoto City Doda Senior High School of Arts, Kyoto, Japan
1994-1999 Apprenticeship under the guidance of a sculpture master Satoshi Yabuuchi, Tokyo, Japan
1999-2000 Studied Art in London, UK under the guidance of an art historian Prof. John White, former vice-president, UCL
2000-2004 Apprenticeship under the guidance of a sculpture master Kokei Eri, Kyoto, Japan
2004 – Reside in Auroville – an International Township in making
2017-2020 – Served as one of the executives in Matrimandir, Auroville
2017- Run an art and design unit Studio Eri in Auroville
2022 Established a music label called Nādāsana

2001 Family Art Exhibition, Wako-Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
2010 Group Show “Another Way of Tea” [Curation & Participation] Kala Kandra, Auroville, India
2010 Solo Calligraphy Exhibition “Vertical Relations” Pitanga, Aurovile, India
2012 Group Show “Ek Sutra” [Curation & Participation] India International Centre, New Delhi, India
2013 Group Show “Ek Sutra” [Curation & Participation] Jawarahar Kala Kendra, Rajastan, India
2014 Group Show “Asian Calligraphy Exhibition” [Curation & Participation] NTNU, Taipei, Taiwan
2019 Group Show Auroville Art Camp “A New World is Possible” at Center’dArt, Auroville
2019-2020 Solo Exhibition “Anima” Centre d’art, Auroville
2022 Group Exhibition “Transparent” Centre d’art, Auroville

Lecture & Workshop:
Colby University, Maine, USA (2004), Ryukoku University, Kyoto, Japan (2001-2004), NTNU, Taipei, Taiwan (2014), Auro University, Gujarat, India (2015), Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai, India (2017), Rakuten India, Bangalore, India (2019), Vana retreat, Dehradhun, India (2019), Chemould Prescott gallery, Mumbai, India (2019)

江里尚樹 – Jyoti

2005年より、南インドの国際都市、オーロヴィルを拠点に芸術活動、またONE ASIA project 名義で文化活動、社会活動も行なう。

コルビー大学、メイン州・アメリカ(2004)、龍谷大学、京都・日本(2001ー2004)、国立師範大学、台北・台湾(2014)、オーロユニヴァシティー、グジャラート州・インド(2015)、ラリットカラアカデミー、チェンナイ・インド(2017)、楽天、バンガロール・インド(2019)、ヴァナ リトリート、デラドゥーン・インド(2019)、ケモールド・ギャラリー、ムンバイ(2019)

PC: Monna Eri



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  1. Hello Jyoti

    Bob Zwicker gave me your reference. I work on Japanese history and will be in Pondicherry form 5-10 February. I am particularly in looking at Japanese cultural and aesthetic connections with India.
    I will be staying in the Ashram and hope you have some time to meet.

    Looking forward to your response, in English or Japanese.

    Best wishes


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