Sri Krishna / Awake Dreaming

“Sri Krishna” Acrylic on Canvas / 96x84cm / 2022

Awake Dreaming

When the silence was heard as the presiding sound in the bustling world,
the universe unveils the hidden songs of love in the hearts.In the music of love,
a cosmic smile will be found in every particle of light and sound.

Even a stone turns to liquid in the ocean of love.
So the air into a diamond in its majestic transparent splendour.
In this world of silent magic, subtle waves tickle milliards of shy slumbering hearts.

In the world of mortal perceptions, day and night found their separate homes,
although, the sun and moon lived in harmony under the canopy of bright shining stars.
In the illusion of separation and knowing, mysteries were conceived.
Yet, knowledge had the power to clear the mist in the wild steep mountains.

What is hidden in the naked beauty of cosmic flow?
The stream makes ripples in the vast sea of the transcendent Self.
The waves turned into elegant hills, bars of iron and heavenly orchids,
into a nesting mother turtle and golden nectar of faithful bees.

The world is a kaleidoscope made of vibrant love and light.
A mesmerising landscape of shape-shifting stardusts.
Mirroring the other, mirroring the self, and mirroring the mirror itself.

In the garden of our magnificent turquoise globe, celestial birds sing their blissful songs.
Carrying their message of the future from light-years past.
So high above in the limitless azure, yet so near in one’s humble heart.

Born into the silence, in every breath and every blink.


Jyoti Naoki Eri

Sri Krishna / Awake Dreaming

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