White Mountain – 01 & 02

Directed & edited by Jyoti Naoki Eri
Snowboarding by Masashi Nishina
Videography by Yone film
Sound by Atomic Phantom
All rights reserved © Jyoti Naoki Eri / Atomic Phantom 2021

These videos are based on the director’s past experience of watching backcountry snowboarding videos and his friendship with these professional snowboarders who reside in Nagano, a deep mountain region in Japan.
It is not only the unique terrain nor the snow quality but, also their unique approach to this extreme sport that has made Japanese snowboarding so well known. Instead of focusing on technical tricks and self-satisfaction they focus on the relation with nature and self-awareness. Through this Japanese’s Animistic approach Jyoti has attempted to connect the relation between Snowboard and Yoga through this short film and music.
This short film is an experiment to express modern spirituality and animism.
The snowboarder Masashi Nishina in this film has visited in Auroville in 2019 for his mural art project in the bioregion.

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