Nine Births

Acrylic on canvas
2021 / 153 x 123 cm (51x41cm each)

This work is an attempt to explore the essential geometry in form and number as a bridge of physics and meta-physics.
Each geometrical shape can be seen as a unique matrix of inherent creative force.
Many elements in the geometries are overlapping and shared, yet they are placed in specific order.
I consider these as the simple Mandalas (or a mirror) to explore the world of form and formlessness.

Below is my personal interpretations/introspection.

1) The Birth of One (non-birth)
One is the Existence that embraces the Whole at the same time complementary to Non-Existence. One that is ALL, One that is Zero.

2) The Birth of the Line
Two is the birth of relativity and distance. A line that is also a promise of the existence of Time.

3) The Birth of the Triangle
Three is the birth of depth and height. It also brings balance and harmony (Trinity, Satchidananda).

4) The Birth of the Square
Four is a concrete manifestation. Matter and solidity that is also a promise of constant destruction/disappearance in the world of time & space.

5) The Birth of the Pentagon
Five is a creative power. Body, fingers, flower petals and five fundamental elements were created to explore/manifest the power.

6) The Birth of the Hexagon
Six is the vessel of creation. Like cellular structure, petals, turtles and flower of life they are the symbol of immortality/eternity.  It is an essential basis of creative manifestation.

7) The Birth of the Heptagon
Seven is a mysterious number that is unique on its own and remains complementary to the rest of the other numbers/geometrical forms. Seven evokes Sunrise and its reflection on the sea.

8) The Birth of the Octagon
Eight is a completion of a cycle that contains the whole manifested world. 

9) The Birth of the Nonagon
Nine is a perfect imperfection in the manifested world. It is a promise to the great perfection.

Nine Births

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