Auroville Film Festival 2022

6 short films I made during the covid lockdown are part of the 7th Auroville Film Festival. Because of the covid restrictions it will be held only online from 18th Jan 2022 onwards.

Steps to How to Watch It Online. 1. Go to 2. Click “Create Account” on top right and enter email and password (only need to do this once, subsequently click “Log In”)) 3. Choose the film(s) you want to watch and click “Buy $0.00” for each film 4. All “bought” films appear in your Library (top right, under your account symbol) 5. All films will only be available to watch from January 18 onwards. 6. You can “buy” films until January 23. 7. Once you “bought” films and they appear in your library you have time until February 8 to watch them.

Auroville Film Festival 2022

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